<html><center><span class="gameTitle">A Trick-or-Treat Adventure</span><br /><span class="gameSubTitle">By Adelynn Snyder (age 8) and Her Dad</span></center></html>\n\nYou are going to be trick-or-treating tomorrow with your friends Kaitlyn and Connor. Before you can do that, you need to pick a costume. You only have enough money for a pumpkin costume, a zombie costume, or a Frankenstein costume.\n\nIf you choose the pumpkin, turn to [[Page 6]].\n\nIf you choose the zombie costume, turn to [[Page 10]].\n\nIf you choose a Frankenstein costume, turn to [[Page 3]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 1</div></html>
You go ahead and knock on the door of a house. A man comes to the door carrying a mirror. He puts down the mirror and gives you candy. He goes back inside without the mirror. Before you can tell him that he left the mirror, he's back inside.\n\nKaitlyn wants to pick it up and admire it. Connor thinks you should give it back to the man.\n\nIf you want to give it back to the man, turn to [[Page 24]].\n\nIf you want to admire it, turn to [[Page 25]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 17</div></html>
You decide to skip Halloween. When you tell Kaitlyn and Connor, they are very disappointed in you. After Halloween they decide to move to Mexico.\n\nThat wasn't a very happy Halloween. In fact, you didn't have a Halloween at all.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 16</div></html>
The next day, you get your costume. When you go out and wear it, you feel so embarrassed that you just want to run home. So you do.\n\nThat wasn't a very happy Halloween.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 14</div></html>
You go home and sit down at the computer. You go to the website "Costumes For Kids." Since you need money for overnight shipping, you only have enough left for a simple white ghost costume.\n\nIf you want the ghost costume, turn to [[Page 14]].\n\nIf you don't want it, there's no choice but to pick another costume, or just skip Halloween.\n\nIf you want to go back to the store, turn to [[Page 19]].\n\nIf you want to skip Halloween, turn to [[Page 16]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 13</div></html>
You run to Connor's house and shut the door as soon as you get there. You say "Connor! You were right!"\n\nConnor says "I know. That goblin is my mom's friend's nephew."\n\nYou and Kaitlyn together say "What?" Before Kaitlyn can say "jinx" you say it first.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 12</div></html>
You say "I won't be able to accept this candy. This candy is waaaaaaaay too big."\n\nYou go on trick-or-treating and get enough candy to fill your bag. When you go home, you go to bed.\n\nThat was a very happy Halloween.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 11</div></html>
You go the store and they are all sold out of zombies. You call your mom and tell her they are all sold out. She just says "sorry." You could get another costume, or you could look online.\n\nIf you want to look online, turn to [[Page 13]].\n\nIf you want to get another costume, keep reading on this page.\n\n----\n\nYou still need a costume and you only have enough money for a pumpkin or a Frankenstein.\n\nIf you want to get a pumpkin costume, turn [[Page 6]].\n\nIf you want a Frankenstein, turn to [[Page 3]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 10</div></html>
<html><img src="pumpkin.png" width="140" height="140" border="0" /><br /><span class="ectoComp">EctoComp 2013</span><br /><br /></html>
You walk back to the store so that you can buy a costume.\n\nIf you choose the pumpkin costume, turn to [[Page 6]].\n\nIf you choose a Frankenstein costume, turn to [[Page 3]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 19</div></html>
You decide to get the green Frankenstein. When you check out, you see a lady dressed in green. The lady comes over and tells you the costume is cool.\n\nYou go out of the store and go home.\n\nHalloween is right around the corner. Soon enough, it is time. When you go out to trick-or-treat, Kaitlyn doesn't care which way you go, but Connor really wants for you to pick. You decide either left or right.\n\nIf you want to go right, turn to [[Page 17]].\n\nIf you want to go left, turn to [[Page 20]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 18</div></html>
You all decide to go north. Up north is a street that has a house that you love. When you go onto the street, you notice a house that wasn't there before. It looks spooky.\n\nKaitlyn wants to go up to the house and trick-or-treat there. Connor is being a scaredy-cat and doesn't want to go. Connor says "you can just go without me."\n\nIf you don't want to go to the house, keep reading this page.\n\nIf you want to go without Connor, turn to [[Page 22]].\n\n----\n\nYou decide to skip this house and go to the house you love. But this year they just give out pretzels instead of butterscotch, caramels, and Smarties.\n\nThat house wasn't very fun. Since that house didn't give out candy, the other houses probably won't either. You start to get a little tired. Everything starts to get blurry. When Kaitlyn looks behind you, she sees poison ivy and you are standing right in it.\n\nIf you want to go to the hospital, turn to [[Page 21]].\n\nIf you want to go home and just rest, turn to [[Page 23]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 7</div></html>
You go to the store and find the pumpkin costume. When you're home again, it's almost time to go to bed.\n\nThe next day you find out that Kaitlyn is a candy corn and Connor is a robot. You giggle to yourself when you see Kaitlyn in her costume.\n\nSoon your mom says it's time to go trick-or-treating. Your mom says to go north. You want to go south. Connor says go east. Kaitlyn says go west.\n\nIf you want to go north, turn to [[Page 7]].\n\nIf you want to go south, turn to [[Page 4]].\n\nIf you want to go east, turn to [[Page 2]].\n\nIf you want to go west, turn page [[Page 17]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 6</div></html>
You try to reason with the goblin, but he is stubborn. All you can do now is try to speak French. You speak French and apparently it works. You and Kaitlyn hug each other. Then you run home like little babies.\n\nThat was a very gobliny Halloween.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 5</div></html>
You go south and see many houses with their lights on. Only one is pitch black, but it has a sign that says "Yes, we're open for candy."\n\nIf you want to go to the lit-up houses first, turn to [[Page 29]].\n\nIf you want to try the dark house, turn to [[Page 30]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 4</div></html>
You go and get a Frankenstein and there are two different colors: green and gray.\n\nIf you want gray, keep reading on this page.\n\nIf you want green, turn to [[Page 18]].\n\n----\n\nYou choose gray and check out.\n\nSoon it is time to go trick-or-treating. Connor wants to go left. Kaitlyn wants to go right.\n\nIf you want to go right, turn to [[Page 17]].\n\nIf you want to go left, turn to [[Page 20]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 3</div></html>
You go east and find that all people are dressed up in fancy costumes. You are just in a plain costume. When people look at you they give you mean looks. You all feel embarrassed when you point it out. Kaitlyn still wants to go west or you could go home and stay for a while.\n\nIf you want to go west, turn to [[Page 17]].\n\nIf you want to go home for a while, turn to [[Page 9]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 2</div></html>
A Trick-or-Treat Adventure
You couldn't get over it for a couple of hours. When you decide to go back out, right as you get your bags, your mom says it's time for bed.\n\nThat was a wasted Halloween.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 9</div></html>
You go home and eat the rare caramel, but it takes you two hours and your mom says it's time for bed. When Kaitlyn and Connor leave, you go to bed.\n\nThat wasn't a very happy Halloween.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 8</div></html>
You knock on the door of the dark house. A nice old lady answers the door. She says "I have all these bags of candy, but nobody comes to visit because my lights are out. Here. Take it all."\n\nShe gives you mountains of candy. Soon, your bag is bigger than you. You start to eat some of the candy as you walk home.\n\nWhen you get home, you're having a sugar rush.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 30</div></html>
You keep searching. All you can see is darkness; the darkness in the mirror. Then you remember that you have a flashlight. When you turn it on, you shine it everywhere. Still, all you can see is darkness.\n\nOut of the darkness, Kaitlyn appears. She looks fifty years older. "I've been waiting fifty years for you to come," she says. "How could you betray me?"\n\nYou say "AAAAHHH!!!!!!" You run off into the exit, leaving Kaitlyn there alone. You return to trick-or-treating and don't remember who Kaitlyn is.\n\nWhen she finally finds her way out, she goes to your house and is the age she's supposed to be. When Kaitlyn visits your house, she asks "Why did you leave me all alone?"\n\n"We didn't. You were in a mirror!"\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 28</div></html>
You go to the lit-up houses first. They give you bunches of candy. You fill up your bag from the bottom to the top.\n\nThen you decide to go to the dark house. You knock. You ask for some candy. The people look confused. "We didn't say we were giving out candy. We said we were open FOR candy. Give us all your candy!"\n\n"But we just filled it up!"\n\nYou end up giving all your candy to these mean people.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 29</div></html>
When you get home, you open the door and go into your house screaming like a baby. You run up to your bed and try to go to sleep as fast as you can.\n\nThe next day, Kaitlyn comes over and says "That mirror was awesome!"\n\nYou ask why. Kaitlyn says "I saw Selena Gomez and Katy Perry in the mirror, but I just didn't like seeing a monkey trying to look for fleas in Katy Perry's hair. That wasn't a very happy sight."\n\nYou go back up to your room yelling "Why did I do this? I missed out on so much! My Halloween wasn't happy!"\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 26</div></html>
When you look for the exit, you see nothing, just Kaitlyn. You run toward her and she runs off. You yell "Kaitlyn! Nooooo!" She turns around and looks at you.\n\nWhen you get up closer to her, you don't see anything, just an exit. You run toward the exit. But you think about what happened to Kaitlyn, and so you just stand in one place. The exit gets closer to you.\n\nYou open the door to the exit and see... outside. You run out the exit and start kissing the ground. After an hour of kissing the ground, you go home and find Kaitlyn sitting on the couch with a full bag of candy.\n\n"Where have you been?" you ask. Kaitlyn says "I've been right here. You got knocked out by a bolt of lightning."\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 27</div></html>
You knock on the door again. When the man opens the door, he looks at you and says "You already came to my house. Go away!" Before you can say "But your mirror..." he closes the door. There's nothing you can do now but smash the mirror.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 24</div></html>
You decide to admire the mirror. When Kaitlyn touches it, it wiggles a little. When she picks it up, she gets sucked in. Connor wants to go home, screaming like a little girl, but you want to go save Kaitlyn.\n\nIf you want to go home screaming like a baby, turn to [[Page 26]].\n\nIf you want to save Kaitlyn, keep reading this page.\n\n----\n\nYou decide to go into the mirror while Connor goes home screaming like a little girl. You go into the mirror and you land down flat on your behind. When you get up, you run off looking for Kaitlyn. You search for an hour and still can't find her.\n\nIf you want to give up, turn to [[Page 27]].\n\nIf you want to keep looking, turn to [[Page 28]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 25</div></html>
You knock on the door. A goblin answers. You think it's just a costume, but really, it's a goblin. When he turns his back to get the candy, you try to pull off his mask. But it's not a mask!\n\nThe goblin turns to you. He starts to yell. You really want to reason with him, but Kaitlyn really wants to run.\n\nIf you want to reason with the goblin, turn to [[Page 5]].\n\nIf you decide to run, turn to [[Page 12]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 22</div></html>
When you go home, you can't make it all the way there. Connor and Kaitlyn think that this must be special Halloween poison ivy. They end up carrying you all the way home.\n\nKaitlyn yells out "How did we come this???"\n\nWhen they get you in bed, Kaitlyn says "It's the end." But then suddenly somebody dressed as Poison Ivy from Batman comes in and gives you candy.\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 23</div></html>
You go left and go to a house where you get a rare black cinnamon caramel that will fill up your bag if you keep it.\n\nIf you want to go home and eat the candy, turn to [[Page 8]].\n\nIf you don't want it, turn to [[Page 11]].\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 20</div></html>
You go to the hospital and the people working at the hospital say it's not an emergency. The only thing you can do is go to a kid's doctor. Your wait was about an hour. By the time you get into the doctor's office, you are wide awake. It turns out it's midnight. You walk home and tell your mom that you went to a hospital. Then you go to bed.\n\nIn the morning, your mom is still downstairs where she was last night, in the exact same position. When you come downstairs, she yells "What were you doing at a hospital?"\n\nYou answer "I got knocked out by poison ivy. But by the time I got in, I was wide awake. I came home, went to bed, and then you started yelling at me. And then I told you this story. And then I told you that I told you this story. And then I told you that I..."\n\nYour mom says "That's enough."\n\n<html><span class="gameTitle">The End</span></html>\n\n<html><div class="pageNumber">Page 21</div></html>
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by Adelynn Snyder and Her Dad